Community Commitment

In 1994, the Hudson Charitable Trust Fund was established. For the first five years, the Trust focused on supporting children and families through various means that included donating screening equipment for hearing tests, and by providing computers and peripherals to expand educational horizons. However, in 1999 an opportunity presented itself that would leave an indelible mark on the hearts of the Trust’s Board of Directors. After facilitating the adoption of an international child with a local couple, the future directive was clear. During the next five years, the Trust helped seventeen children find their way into the arms of their new loving families.

We believe that any efforts to strengthen a family are efforts that strengthen the community. While all children need and deserve to be part of a family, the future for children with special needs is exceptionally bleak as time can pass them by in an institution. Yet living among us are extraordinary couples that are undaunted by the parenting challenges these children present. For that reason, a top priority of the Trust continues to be to help families unite by supporting the adoption, either domestically or internationally, of special needs children.