Susan D. Hunter



Susan D. Hunter began her career at The Hudson Companies as an accountant and operations manager. As the company grew, she participated in nearly all roles working alongside John Hudson. She was integral to increasing both the general construction capacity and lending capacity for early development opportunities that included Institutional leased facilities and office condominium projects.

In the late 1990’s Susan started her family with her Husband, Eric, and continued to maintain a Director role while departing from day to day operation functions. She currently focuses on leading the personnel department where she oversees payroll, labor agreements, insurance policies, and human resource related components. She administers the corporate 401-K requirements and compliance, works in conjunction with field personnel to maintain all local union identification and contract compliance, and with the estimating department for labor and administrative costs. Susan oversees all payroll processes as they relate to Federal, State and Local Laws, costs, reporting, insurance and benefits.